Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder

We are amongst the leading suppliers dealing in medical grade oxygen cylinders . We are providing services realeted to oxygen cylinders and medical equipment in Delhi NCR. We have been catering to the demand of pure oxygen gas cylinders several years. Based in Ghaziabad, we render service to other cities like Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgoan and various cities of Uttar Pradesh. 

We provide pure oxygen of 99.99% medical grade in a range of Oxygen cylinders in Ghaziabad available in various sizes and capacities. Pure Oxygen is used in the treatment of almost all kinds of medical conditions and also 

 We are selling 100% pure oxygen cylinder  in Ghaziabad /Delhi NCR at a very affordable price. Our cylinders are REFILLABLE, which is better for the environment than disposable cylinders. We provide you with a cylinder you can refill at our station and create less air pollution!

Key Features

  • A complete oxygen medical kit that is 45 % lighter than traditional steel cylinders.
  • Refillable and reusable.
  • With its cylinder made from aluminum alloy, OxyGo is completely rust free unlike steel.
  • The simple finger operated valve and regulator that can be used by the patient.
  • Oxygen quality within the cylinder maintained due to its internal aluminum finish and special internal cleaning process.
  • Duration specified is @2 liter per minute

Our Products

OxyGo Lite

M.R.P: ₹11,699

Working Duration: 79 min*

O2 Capacity: 158 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 2 kg

OxyGo Mediva

M.R.P: ₹12,699

Working Duration: 158 min*

O2 Capacity: 315 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 2.8 kg

OxyGo Lite Pro

M.R.P: ₹14,199

Working Duration: 124 min*

O2 Capacity: 248 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 2.1 kg

OxyGo Optima

M.R.P: ₹12,199

Working Duration: 337 min*

O2 Capacity: 673 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 3.9 kg

OxyGo Mediva Pro

M.R.P: ₹13,199

Working Duration:  237 min*

O2 Capacity: 474 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 3.2 kg

OxyGo Optima Pro

M.R.P: ₹14,699

Working Duration:  395 min*

O2 Capacity: 790 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 4.8 kg

OxyGo Optimax

M.R.P: ₹16,050

Working Duration:  537 min*

O2 Capacity: 1074 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 6.5 kg

OxyGo Maxima

M.R.P: ₹19,500

Working Duration:  790 min*

O2 Capacity: 1579 Ltr.

Filled Weight of kit: 9.9 kg

Medical Oxygen Cylinder in Delhi NCR

We understand that you’re concerned about having to pay up front. That’s why we offer the option of cash on delivery. As soon as your oxygen cylinder in Delhi NCR is delivered, you can pay in cash and have peace of mind.

For over 28 years, we’ve been providing reliable services. Today, we’re proud to offer a full range of gases and realeted medical equipment to meet your needs. If you are looking for Oxygen cylinders in Delhi NCR our expert technical team offers global support and can deliver any quantity, anywhere on time.

We understand how it feels when you need to get in touch with your supplier. We work hard to make sure every customer gets the attention they deserve. 

Mild Steel Oxygen Gas Cylinder

D Type Jumbo(46.7 litres)

Price: ₹15,500 + 18% GST
Length Approx ‘L ‘ (feet) : 4.46
Out Side Dia ‘D’ (mm) : 232
Water Capacity : 46.7
Tare Weight Approx : 51.0
Gas Capacity Cubic Meter Approx : 7.00
Test Pressure (kg/cm) 150
Max Working Pr. @ 15 C (kgf/cm)
PESO Certificate will be provided

B Type (10.2 litres)

Price: ₹ 8,500 + 18% GST
Length Approx ‘L ‘ (feet) : 2.83
Out Side Dia ‘D’ (mm) : 139.7
Water Capacity : 10.2
Tare Weight Approx : 15.2
Gas Capacity Cubic Meter Approx : 1.53
Test Pressure (kg/cm) 150
Max Working Pr. @ 15 C (kgf/cm)
PESO Certificate will be provided

How to Care for Medical Oxygen Cylinders

•   Medical Gas Cylinders should be stored in a secure, weather proof, well ventilated area.
•   The Medical Gas cylinders should be secured by means of brackets or chains to prevent toppling.
•   The floor should be level and constructed of concrete or other non- combustible material. So far as practicable, lighting and electrical equipment  should be sited in a safe position, remote from the medical gas cylinders storage.
•   The Medical Gas Cylinders storage area should be clearly identified i.e. by use of compressed gases warning sign.
•   Lubricants should be avoided. Only lubricants that are made for oxygen service and specified by the medical gas equipment supplier should be used.
•   Always use clean hands or gloves when assembling oxygen equipment i.e. when changing medical gas cylinders.
•   Medical Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators should be handled with care and replaced every 5 years – sooner if damaged.

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