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Ekta Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinders, offers an expanding range of high-quality industrial gas cylinders, medical and oxygen gas cylinders, high pressure gas cylinders for compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen storage in alternative fuel vehicles in India.

Ekta Enterprises gas cylinders are made of Seamless Steel tubes, in Manganese steel and Chrome Molybdenum Steel. The technology used for manufacturing medical gas cylinders is hot spinning of seamless steel tubes for closing both ends and subsequently followed by other finishing processes. The Equipments for manufacturing medical gas cylinders have been sourced from suppliers who are world leaders in their respective fields.

Oxygen & Medical Gas Cylinders require the following Care and Storage:
•   Medical Gas Cylinders should be stored in a secure, weather proof, well ventilated area.
•   The Medical Gas cylinders should be secured by means of brackets or chains to prevent toppling.
•   The floor should be level and constructed of concrete or other non- combustible material. So far as practicable, lighting and electrical equipment should be sited in a safe position, remote from the medical gas cylinders storage.
•   The Medical Gas Cylinders storage area should be clearly identified i.e. by use of compressed gases warning sign.
•   Lubricants should be avoided. Only lubricants that are made for oxygen service and specified by the medical gas equipment supplier should be used.
•   Always use clean hands or gloves when assembling oxygen equipment i.e. when changing medical gas cylinders.
•   Medical Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators should be handled with care and replaced every 5 years – sooner if damaged.

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