Clients can avail from us R 123 Refrigeration Gas, which are also known as dichlorofluoromethane. These Refrigeration Gases R-123 are pure, non-toxic and ensure efficient cooling. Reckoned for accurate composition, these Refrigeration Gases R-123 are extensively used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Our range is stored properly in cylinders to avoid leakage. We offer these Refrigeration Gases R-123 at most affordable prices to our precious customers. 123 is an HCFC retrofit refrigerant for R-11 in low-pressure centrifugal chillers. New centrifugal equipment designed with Suva® 123 provides excellent energy efficiency.

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We offer a Refrigerant for Efficient Cooling in large spaces Centrifugal chillers are used for cooling purposes in large spaces and buildings. These chillers run a vapor compression cycle for the removal of heat from the liquid that moves through a heat exchanger, removed waste heat is then send through a second water loop cooled by a cooling tower. The chilled water then cools and dehumidifies down the air in institutional, commercial and industrial facilities. Initially R11 was used in centrifugal chillers and remained the major applicant for years but this had to stop as global regulatory mandates require the phase-out of R-11 due to its impact on the Ozone layer. Now, many chillers use R-123 refrigerant as an alternative because of its low ozone depleting properties. The physical and thermodynamic properties of R-123 make it a great replacement in new systems. This is due to the safety and the efficiency of the refrigerant. It also proved to be a retrofit in installed equipment. Benefits of using R-123 include: • Considerably low ozone depletion properties and excellent environmental properties. • Proven R-11 replacement in chiller systems worldwide, and being a Retrofit replacement. • Wide OEM acceptance


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